About two years ago Renegade Wife and I visited an old amusement park that had been turned into a Buddhist temple. There were some parts of the park that we didn’t have time to visit and I’ve always wanted to go back. Last weekend we finally took the time to go there again. Because it’s been a while since I took the motorbike out I decided it would be a good day to go for a ride. However, it was a bit cloudy so we packed some rain gear and a couple of umbrellas just in case.

It was a nice but uneventful ride out, and we arrived ready to explore. We grabbed our stuff and started walking down towards the parts we hadn’t seen before. Almost as soon as we entered, it started to drizzle but no matter, we had our umbrellas so we kept walking. When we got to the building overlooking the reservoir we stopped to take a break and I just had to go in to take a quick look. It was as if no one had been there since I went in last time; the furniture seemed to be in the exact same place as before.

The reservoir observation building

Inside the observation building

I feel this one really gets the essence of that observation building

When we got out the rain was heavier but I was determined to see the stuff we had missed last time so we continued. We passed by the little “Russian church” style dormitory where we had stopped last time and continued down a fairly steep slope. After a little while we came to a small, overgrown cube of a building which we couldn’t quite figure out what it was.

We continued further down and after a few minutes we came to the first previously unseen building of any size. It looked like an overly colorful castle poking out of the jungle. Closer inspection showed that it was some kind of assembly hall with a bit of storage. From the looks of it it had been used in the not too distant past for some kind of activity.

In the corners

The road continued so we kept walking. A short while later the road ended at what I can only describe as the holy grail of the trip. It was a large, castle-like structure that just screamed to me that it needed exploring. The wife felt it was too creepy to go inside so we started by looking around on the outside.

Seeing the building for the first time

Different views from the outside and looking in through the windows

A better view of the entire building

Most of the rooms on the upper floor were locked but this one was open

By now the rain was getting pretty heavy but there was still more to explore so I  found a nice open space under a roof where my wife could wait for me. Promising to be careful and that I would stay in contact, I made my way inside.


The open space in a sort of unfinished building adjacent to the castle


Looking in through the window

When I got inside I realized that the place must either be a hotel or some kind of dormitory. Considering that there was a water slide and a pool adjacent to it, I believe hotel is the more likely answer. There were plenty of rooms that were more or less the same so I didn’t go in to all of them but it was interesting all the same. I must admit though that even I found it a bit creepy, especially since it was so dark I had to use my flashlight.


Exploring a couple of rooms

Further down the corridor

A bit more exploring

Some corridors higher up in the building. This is the same level as the rooms we were looking in to from the roof.

Feeling satisfied with my exploration of the hotel we walked back up, the rain getting less and less all the way. Since it was still raining a bit, we put on our rain gear before getting on the bike which was lucky because just a short while later it started pouring down. Normally, riding in heavy rain is miserable but having had such a good urban exploration adventure I didn’t really care.

One last thing: when we were down at the abandoned hotel we spotted another castle-like structure in the distance. On the way up we did find the road to it, but it’s very overgrown and bushwhacking in heavy rain seemed very unappealing at the time so we left it for another time. I’m looking forward to going back in the future.

  Another castle in the distance