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Month March 2013

Through the mountains to Taoyuan

Taoyuan is not all that far from Hsinchu, about an hour and a half by country roads. Having ridden the scooter to Hsinchu on Friday afternoon, I had to bring it back on Sunday because I need it for work. Me and Yini decided to do this as a small trip, going eastward through the mountains instead of the straight road. It turned out to be a bit of an adventure that, including several stops, took us most of the day.

Riding along the winding mountain roads, we first came to a mountainside cafe where we stopped for tea. From … Read the rest

Taking the parents around the island

My mom and dad came to visit me this week. Since I’ve spent a fair amount of time driving them around the island to show them different sights, I consider it to be true to the spirit of landtravel. It started the very day they arrived, as me and Yini picked them up at the airport, but instead of taking them straight back, we stopped by at the lantern festival to let them marvel at the myriad lights. The next day we drove down to Lugang in central Taiwan and spent some time walking around in the picturesque old streets. … Read the rest

Zhushan mountains, 5:41 pm

We are walking on a small road winding it’s way along the mountain face. The sun has been drenched by the evening mists that shroud the peaks, and the heat of the day is beginning to dissipate. The mountain rises steeply upward to my left, rows upon rows of tea bushes covering the mountainside in a pattern of dark green stripes and waves. To my right, the slope is covered by bamboo trees, the thin, straight reeds creating a surprisingly sparse forest. It occurs to me that we are walking between fields of two quintessentially Asian plants, as if walking … Read the rest

Neiwan hotspring 6:54 pm

I get out of the hot pool, run a few steps, and sink into the, to me, frigid waters of the the cool one. A wave of cold washes over me but I remain, sitting as still as possible, letting the water settle around me. After about a minute, the wavelets on the surfaces have died out and my body has recuperated from the initial shock. If I avoid moving my limbs, I don’t feel the acute cold, just a sort of chill that makes the hairs on my body rise. Gradually I start to feel the pumping of my … Read the rest

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