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February 2016

Exploring Vadodara

My company has sent me and two colleagues to India to install a machine. Naturally we will spend most of our time at the customer site but we get the weekends to ourselves and it just so happened that we… Continue Reading →

Lantern Festival 2016

At the end of the Chinese New Year the Taiwanese celebrate the lantern festival. Colorful lanterns in all shapes and sizes are put on display on┬ásome suitable piece of land for about a week. People come from all over the… Continue Reading →

Our ski trip comes to an end

All through our stay here it’s been cold, windy and snowing, today the sun finally came out. Because of the strong wind last night however, the snow wasn’t as good as previous days. All the same I had a very… Continue Reading →

Hokkaido skiing update

I wrote my last post a few days ago, since then most days have been more or less similar; my wife has been practicing pretty much on her own while I have been up on the higher slopes searching for… Continue Reading →

Teaching the wife to ride

Today it was time for Renegade Wife to learn how to ride a Snowboard. She actually tried a bit two years ago, but I doubted she would remember much. I know beginners often get tired easily, what with using muscles… Continue Reading →

Niseko Grand Hotel onsen, 8:34 pm

The warm, slightly murky greenish water envelopes me, steam rising from its surface, billowing into the cool air. There is snow all around me, large drifts on the ground, clinging to the branches of trees, a large clump atop a… Continue Reading →

First day of skiing

I have promised my wife I will teach her how to ride a snowboard, but she was kind enough to let me go out on my own and enjoy myself the first day. So I got up bright and early… Continue Reading →

To Niseko

I’ve longed to go skiing for quite a while now so for this year’s winter vacation Renegade Wife and I decided to go to a ski resort. Since we live in Taiwan the best choice seemed to be Japan which… Continue Reading →

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