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Month July 2010

Utlandagatan 4:30 am

I am walking home, tired from the exercise, the mild air is no longer cool enough and the street lights have been turned off. In just one hour the sky has turned from a deep blue to a bland light grey, but at the edge to the east, the band of yellow and orange has shifted to a dodgy shade of pink that gradually thickens to a powerful red. I can draw two conclusions at this moment. One is that there are few better ways to spend the early hours of the morning than skateboarding down traffic free roads and … Read the rest

Eklandagatan 3:36 am

The air is mild, the birds are chirping in the bushes, and the brightening sky is competing with the street lights. I have been here before on a similarly early morning with the same mission, to ride a skateboard down this marvelous hill. That time it was colder, so cold that my hands went numb, and darker, so dark i could barely see the dangerous bumps in the asphalt, but that time I stood on my board at the top of the hill and didn’t stop until I had reached the entrance to the big roundabout at the end of … Read the rest

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