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December 2017

Fictionalizing the News No.3: The Police Shooting

This is the third installment of Fictionalizing the News, a writing exercise I set for myself where I write a short story based on an article in the news. Please be aware as you read this, that though it is based… Continue Reading →

Back to Hong Kong

When I went to Hong Kong back in October I thought it would be the last time in quite a while. Turns out I was wrong, about two weeks ago my brother messaged me to let me know he and… Continue Reading →

Fa Yuan street raised walkway, 4:39 pm

The walkway is raised above the road, allowing pedestrians to navigate the streets without having to deal with the heavy Hong Kong traffic. It’s a couple of meters wide and covered but with open sides, and follows the street for… Continue Reading →

XXX underground club, 00:33 am

The room looks like the basement of a school or something, thats been temporarily converted to a disco; an open space with low ceiling, bare white walls and a couple of support pillars. Against the back wall is a DJ… Continue Reading →

The book that never was

In October last year I set off on my three month journey through south east Asia. When I first came up with the idea for that trip many years ago, I had this vague notion that I should write a… Continue Reading →

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