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Month December 2017

Fictionalizing the News No.3: The Police Shooting

Wade Irwin stepped into the police cruiser and set the two mugs of coffee down in the cup holders. Jonathan DeGuzman pulled out from the curb then reached for his cup and took a sip. “Jeezus Christ Irwin what did you get me? It tastes like sugar and fucking battery acid.” “You asked for a surprise so I ordered the gayest sounding thing they had on the menu” his partner replied. “God damn it” continued DeGuzman “this shit is undrinkable, next time just get me a cup of plain black coffee.” Irwin frowned “Pfft, next time, you get the coffee.” Continue reading...

Back to Hong Kong

When I went to Hong Kong back in October I thought it would be the last time in quite a while. Turns out I was wrong, about two weeks ago my brother messaged me to let me know he and his friend were going to Hong Kong and later to Kuala Lumpur. Of course I had to take the chance to see him, and at first Renegade Wife and I planned to meet them up in KL. Sadly, she couldn’t get the time off so I ended up going back to Hong Kong on my own to meet up with … Read the rest

Fa Yuan street raised walkway, 4:39 pm

The walkway is raised above the road, allowing pedestrians to navigate the streets without having to deal with the heavy Hong Kong traffic. It’s a couple of meters wide and covered but with open sides, and follows the street for several hundred meters, branching off here and there to follow the smaller side streets. Normally it’s nothing special, just a convenient way to get around, but today is Sunday, when all of Hong Kong’s maids (most of them Malaysian migrant workers) have their day off. Since they have no place of their own they can’t go home, and since Hong … Read the rest

XXX underground club, 00:33 am

The room looks like the basement of a school or something, thats been temporarily converted to a disco; an open space with low ceiling, bare white walls and a couple of support pillars. Against the back wall is a DJ booth on a raised platform and behind it, the letters “XXX” painted in white on a black background. On the left wall is an LED matrix display showing the words “Absurd TRAX – dj sniff”, and on the right wall is powerful light. The entire place is awash in red and blue light and the air is imbued with the … Read the rest

The book that never was

In October last year I set off on my three month journey through south east Asia. When I first came up with the idea for that trip many years ago, I had this vague notion that I should write a lot of Frozen Moments during the trip, perhaps even forgoing a camera altogether and just document what I saw using words. My idea was that I would gather all of these texts together and try to get them published as a book, a sort of photo album if you will. In the end I did bring a camera, and … Read the rest

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