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July 2011

Sigulda with a guide

The plan for today was to look around a bit more in Riga and in the afternoon I would go to an old Soviet bunker and fire an AK-47 but, after thinking things over for a while we figured out… Continue Reading →

Rainy Riga

Today me and Yini have explored Riga’s old town accompanied by grey skies and intermittent drizzle. The old town of Riga, much like that of Vilnius, is full of churches, merchant houses and other old buildings covered in ornaments. Unlike… Continue Reading →

Hill of crosses

Today we visited what is supposed to be Lithuania’s most incredible place – and you will see why I agree with that statement. The hill is a short distance outside the town of Siauliai so – on recommendation from the… Continue Reading →

Hill of crosses 10:38 am

Photos cannot truly describe this place, there is simply too much of it. Crosses, thousands and thousands of crosses, all in a big jumble. Big crosses, small crosses, iron crosses and wooden ones. Two small hills in the middle of… Continue Reading →

Making a base in Siauliai

We have been without internet for a while but we are now having dinner in a restaurant with free wi-fi nearby so here come an update. Yesterday we spent the morning in Vilnius, going to the Gate of Dawn which… Continue Reading →

Trakai National Park

One of Lithuania’s big national parks, Trakai is just half an hour or so away from Vilnius. So, having heard that it should be worth a visit we hopped on a bus around lunchtime (we slept all morning after a… Continue Reading →

Kronoborg Castle 2:59 pm

There is something rotten in the state of denmark…it is raining so hard that visiting hamlets old castle is less than fun. We are standing in the tunnel through the second battlement, cowering from the rain. The vaults overhead are… Continue Reading →

Stenbron Arild, 10:46 pm

The sky has been painted in a lustrous gradient from dark blue above my head seamlessly changing to a lighter blue then yellow and finally pink bordering on orange. Grey clouds sweep across the pink like heavy brush strokes, turning… Continue Reading →

To Vilnius, and the start of the first Landtravel trip

Today I and my girlfriend embarked on the first land travel trip. Apparently my girlfriend doesn’t share the same romantic notions of traveling on land that I have, neither does she share the notion of dreariness and cruel sterility of… Continue Reading →

The concept of land travel

Before telling my avid readers (none?) about my travels, I will dedicate one post to describing the concept of land travel that i am trying to embody in this blog. I realize in writing this, that I might want to… Continue Reading →

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