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Month May 2016

Roads not traveled

When the wife and I go up in the mountains we often pass through a place called Neiwan. It’s a kind of vacationers paradise with a lively food market, several go cart tracks and a number of hot spring resorts within a short distance. Basically city dwellers can go there to enjoy the mountains without having to forfeit modern amenities.

Every time we drive through the area I see roads that look very inviting but for some reason or other we’ve never really driven on them. Recently however, I’ve been determined to see where they lead and yesterday became the … Read the rest

The abandoned amusement park temple

Renegade Wife is often nice enough to search for interesting places for us to go. A little while ago she found one place which used to be an amusement park but has later been taken over by a Buddhist organisation who have turned it into a kind of temple or monastery. Many of the old amusement park buildings still stand however, but remain unused; in essence, it’s like an abandoned amusement park within the temple grounds. This sounded very interesting to us so we went to check it out.

Read the rest

The Office, 12:29 pm

It’s just after lunch and I’m sitting at my desk when I feel that weird sensation I always get when there’s a earthquake, kind of like seasickness on dry land. A moment later I see how our computer screens start wobbling, there’s an uncanny rumbling from somewhere above us and the whole building is shaking. I’m tense, ready to run at any moment, but my colleagues haven’t budged from their seats so I keep calm and remain seated as well. I look up at the girl opposite me, her face is contorted with fear, like a carved wooden mask, it’s … Read the rest

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