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October 2013

The office parking lot 5:24 pm

“That weird light is back!” The thought occurs the moment I step outside. It’s the same as when leaving work one evening, about two months ago. Sunlight is slanting in past grey tufts of cloud, moisture in the air, not… Continue Reading →

At home 5:36 pm

The sky outside the window has steadily grown darker while I have been sitting here, I have been just that little bit too lazy to get up and turn on the lights. So here I sit, in a darkend room,… Continue Reading →

The Ride to Tainan

A while back, me and Yini rode our motorbike from Tainan on the south west coast, round Taiwans south tip, then up along the east coast to Yilan in the north. I wrote about it here. We also made one… Continue Reading →

Sky over Taiwan, 5:38 am

The captain has just made his landing speech over the intercom, announcing that it is raining on the ground. Up here however, above the clouds it is, fair to say that the sunrise is fantastic. The plane’s wing, sweeping backwards,… Continue Reading →


So, I’ve been in Ireland for almost two weeks and it’s not until now that I have time to write about it. I have been here for work. Basically, my company sold a machine to a company here, and when… Continue Reading →

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