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November 2017

Fictionalizing the News No.2: Death on the Mediterranean

This is the second installment of Fictionalizing the News, a writing exercise I set for myself where I write a short story based on an article in the news. Please be aware as you read this, that though it is based… Continue Reading →

The North East coast ride

Whenever I’ve been out at the north-east coast of Taiwan, I’ve thought that the road along the coast is really nice for riding a motorbike. However, the times I’ve been there have always coincided with the time that plenty of… Continue Reading →

Buddha hand cave 4:40 pm

The place looks like a normal temple from the outside, the facade covered in typical temple decorations with the name above the door. Once you get inside you realize it’s actually a cave, a wide tunnel burrowing some 10 or… Continue Reading →

Fictionalizing the News No. 1: Train Station Knife Attack

A while ago I figured out a kind of writing exercise for myself that I call Fictionalizing the News. The idea is to take a news article, preferably a less prominent one, and use it as a basis for a… Continue Reading →

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