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Month November 2017

Fictionalizing the News No.2: Death on the Mediterranean

It was a warm sunny day, not a cloud in the clear blue sky and sea an inviting turquoise, the light glinting off the tops of the waves. Under normal circumstances it would be perfect for a day at the beach, normal circumstances however, had gone out the window five years ago. Continue reading...

The North East coast ride

Whenever I’ve been out at the north-east coast of Taiwan, I’ve thought that the road along the coast is really nice for riding a motorbike. However, the times I’ve been there have always coincided with the time that plenty of other people have been there as well, that is, traffic has been too heavy for me to really enjoy the road. I figured the best remedy for this problem would be to go there in the early morning, probably around sunrise or so.

Now, I do enjoy going out together with my wife, and taking a ride through some beautiful … Read the rest

Buddha hand cave 4:40 pm

The place looks like a normal temple from the outside, the facade covered in typical temple decorations with the name above the door. Once you get inside you realize it’s actually a cave, a wide tunnel burrowing some 10 or 20 meters into the rock, divided into two sections by a concrete wall. Each section has an altar against the back wall, as well as all the other paraphernalia that belong to a temple. The walls are bare rock, with carvings and niches for statues here and there, and then, in the corner next to one of the altars is … Read the rest

Fictionalizing the News No. 1: Train Station Knife Attack

Herbert Kochler was at the station shortly before five in the morning. It was still dark outside but getting imperceptibly lighter, the temperature a few degrees above freezing, cool and crisp. He was headed to M√ľnchen, just like every other morning for the past fourteen years, only today he was two hours earlier than normal because he had a phone conference with clients in Beijing at six. The station was nearly deserted except for two other travelers, an older lady carrying a large shopping bag marked Lidl, and a young man in a dark hoodie restlessly pacing back and forth along a section of the platform. Herbert payed him no mind, instead he rubbed the sleep from his eyes then looked down at his phone to pass the time. Continue reading...

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