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April 2010

Silja Serenade 10:45 pm

The moon paints a streak of silver on the black sea. Just at the edge of it, where the sky meets the water, a series of lights mark out the shape of another ship. The wind is truly cold as… Continue Reading →

Silja Europa 12:22 pm

The air feels fresh as I walk out on deck and the sun warms my face and glitters off the calm ocean surface. In the relatively low temperature and chilly wind it quickly gets cold out here but I stay… Continue Reading →

Heidi hay tattoo 1:06 pm

All I can see is a white wall with a poster on it, or alternatively the backside of a chest of drawers. There is a dull pain, kind of like that of being pinched, near my hip. After a few… Continue Reading →

Slussen, Örebro 2:32 pm

The water flowing past me is absolutely mesmerizing. The yellow-brown river bubbles, twirls and hisses past me, turning from yellowish white spray as it leaves the sluice gate to froth on the wave tops further down. Walking just next to… Continue Reading →

My parents house 3:49 pm

A myriad of minuscule paint droplets cover my face – scratch that, a myriad of paint droplets cover all of me, my face, my hair, my arms; little splashes from the rotation of my paint roller. The droplets also cover… Continue Reading →

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