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Month February 2010

Chalmers campus 6:30 am

The air is misty and the scene is bleak. A grayish black road with dirty snow piles along the side, and a layer of snow slush on the road that makes a sludgy noise with every step. There are birds chirping in the distance that make me feel weird. There is definitely something wrong when you exit the party just in time to hear bird song. At least the sun has the decency to not rise for another few hours. I feel relatively safe and, surprisingly, relatively sober.… Read the rest

Park near Chalmers 9:10 pm

Light drizzle eats away at the snow. I breath heavily as i walk up with my board under the arm. The hill is too short and too flat and the snow is too sticky for snowboarding, but I stubbornly keep doing it because it is more fun than sitting locked up in my room. ¬†The low gray clouds reflect the orange glow from the streetlights, casting an eerie light over the dismal scene, the fading snow and the lone snowboarder walking up for another run.… Read the rest

Chalmers campus 0:47 am

A myriad of streetlights penetrate the night and reflect on the soft blanket of fresh snow and it feels as bright as if it were day. The cold air is crisp against my face as I walk. Although the snow has already been trampled it has yet to be soiled by dirty boots. It is clean, innocent in a way, and the party goers passing by in the other direction don’t annoy me like they normally would. It is, in as sense, a perfect night.… Read the rest

Beijing Airport 6:58 pm

I have never seen a major city airport terminal so deserted. The place is huge and the shops are many, made to swallow thousands upon thousands of shopping hungry customers but, there is no one there. The sales clerks and airport staff easily outnumber the travelers. Large floor to ceiling windows are no match for the cold Beijing night and it feels chilly inside. In this vast, cold ¬†empty hall I feel very, very alone.… Read the rest

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