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February 2013

Wild hotspring

A few days ago, my old friend Johan Svennung contacted me, wishing to visit me in Hsinchu. We already had a dinner planned that day but welet him join in the fun. Since there were no good buses back to… Continue Reading →

Back to the mud cliffs

In my last post I mentioned some rather dramatic looking formations of mud. Today, I took my friend Kai back there. This time I brought a camera, hope you enjoy my pictures.

Kea Autobai

After Chinese new year it felt good to be home and relax a bit but it felt even better to be able to ride my scooter again. So, the day after me and Yini got back to Hsinchu, we got… Continue Reading →

Chinese New Year

I have, more less, moved back to Taiwan to look for a job. I didn’t have time to make the move by land so I cheated, but I have been doing a bit of land travel lately, let me tell… Continue Reading →

End of Gong Dao Wu Road 9:54 pm

Even though we are well within the city limits, on a big road no less, the street lights suddenly end. As we pass the¬†boundary¬†between bright orange and near complete darkness, the head light on my scooter becomes our main light… Continue Reading →

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