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Month February 2022

The Office, 9:57 pm

stripe repeating over and over. The beige floor and white tiles in the ceiling, florescent tube lights at regular intervals. Off to my left are the offices of the managers, frosted glass in aluminum frames separating them from the rest of us. The managers have all gone home, their rooms are dark and empty. I'm all alone here. I know there are people in the assembly hall and warehouse but they might as well not exist. There's always some noise in the office, a phone conference in one corner; someone walking by with a cup of coffee, a couple people chatting at their desks, the clatter of people typing emails; but now it's completely quiet save for the ambient hum from the server room. Half of the ceiling lights are off, my section still has light but the far ends of the room are enveloped in shadow. It feels so bizarre to be here, like I'm in an abandoned building but I know it's not. Like the daily routine has been put on pause and I'm here like an outside observer, seeing what's left behind when the workers leave. 

The Unfinished Story

Everyone remembers their first drop. The feeling when you're standing there on the tower, a hundred meters up, the wind whistling around you, even if it's calm down on the ground. You're too low for any parachute to deploy properly and too high for safety ropes to be effective; you have to rely on the Impact Protection Rig (Impro Rig for short) strapped to your back. Even knowing that thousands of drops are made safely every year, there's still that tiny grain of doubt at the back of your mind; what if the rig fails this time? You've practiced the motions hundreds of times at lower heights: make sure the ground below is clear, find a stable posture on the edge, grab the trigger handles tightly, take two deep breaths, then inhale and step off. Once you're in the air, exhale slowly and pull the handles. By now it's next to instinct, you can do it, the rig will work, all you have to do is drop. Read the rest... 

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