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May 2014

Road 54, noon

As soon as the road entered the mountains the fog descended. As we climb higher it gets thicker and I find myself unconsciously slowing the car down as visibility shrinks to just tens of meters. I hunch forward over the… Continue Reading →

Snaefellness in the rain

Today has been somewhat disappointing. The plan was to see as much as we could of Snaefellness peninsula but it has been raining heavily all day and even when it cleared up for a while, everything was so shrouded in… Continue Reading →

Arrival on Sneafellness peninsula

Today has been yet another driving day, we left our little guest house quite early, and drove westward through gently rolling hills of green pastures. Since we had time we made a detour out to a sightseeing spot called Borgarvik,… Continue Reading →

Road 54, 3:19 pm

All morning we drove through relatively tame terrain, rolling hills of green pastures and fields, the mountains in the background less steep than normal, without snow on the tops and even some swatches of green climbing the slopes. Since around… Continue Reading →

To the west

Today has been another driving day. We left Lake Myvatn in the morning, heading westward making a couple of stops along the way. The first stop was Godafoss or God’s Waterfall in English; the name is quite appropriate, but it… Continue Reading →

Second day in Myvatn

Today we kept exploring the area near lake Myvatn, starting by driving back up to the highlands towards mount Krafla. When we were getting close to our destination we started seeing cars parked along the side of the road and… Continue Reading →

Myvatn nature bath, 3:58 pm

The sky is clear with a few tufts of cloud, the air smells of sulfur but there is a cool breeze blowing. All around is the dramatic Icelandic landscape, barren mountains and all. The water II’m sitting in has a… Continue Reading →

To lake Myvatn

We left our little cottage mid morning, picked up a hitchhiker just after getting on the main road, and headed west up onto the highlands (all be it the outskirts of the highlands) . Up there the land is flat… Continue Reading →

Fjords and gravel roads

Today has been a day of driving, but in Iceland that’s not necessarilya bad thing. Going along the countryside roads and seeing this fantastic landscape in all its glory from the comfort of the car is great. We really only… Continue Reading →

Road no. 1, 4:27 pm.

We’ve just left the coastal road and turned back onto the main road. We climb higher up the mountains and then, as we come around a tight corner, the road opens up into a sort of narrow water chute valley,… Continue Reading →

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