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December 2010

Hairdresser on Guang fu road, 9:15 pm

All I can see is the ceiling, a corner of the air-condition and a wreath saying Merry Christmas, it smells rather much of mint and someone is rubbing what I can only assume is shampoo into my hair. On top… Continue Reading →

Cheap movie theatre, Hsinchu 9:03 pm

I am sitting here at the start of the second film of a two films for the price of one deal but, the pictures on the screen in front of me and the sounds coming out of the speakers hold… Continue Reading →

Mountain just outside Seoul 3:15 pm

I am definitely on the edge of the city now. I am walking on a small dirt path on the forest clad mountain. The nearest civilisation can be seen some way below. I am forced to walk on the outside… Continue Reading →

Near Dongdaemun 1:54 pm

I am walking along the ancient city wall as it climbs a mountain ridge at the edge of down town Seoul. I am walking through a sort of residential park with a playground and some benches, to the right and… Continue Reading →

Top of Namsan mountain 5:40 pm

I am on the top of the mountain, leaning on the wall of what must have been a fortress looking out over the city in the dwindling sunset. The darkening sky overhead shifts to a paler blue close to the… Continue Reading →

Thai restaurant near Hongik University 12:22 pm

In front of me is a bowl of red-orange soup. I have only managed to finish about one-fourth of the fiery liquid. I’ve fished out enough noodles to fill up my belly but now I can eat no more, it… Continue Reading →

Gyeonbokgung palace 1:54 pm

I am skirting a horseshoe shaped pond to the west of the main palace. Due to coming directly from Taiwan my clothing is insufficient for the Korean winter so I have to keep walking to keep warm. In the pond… Continue Reading →

Over Incheon 5:03 pm

We are flying at the same height as the setting sun. It paints an orange strip on the shadowy surface of the sea beneath us and lights my face in a warm glow. The sky above is still a light… Continue Reading →

Cafe bathroom 9:23 pm

I am in the most incredible bathroom I have ever seen. The toilet is situated in the middle of a small platform of grey stone with an assortment of plants, bamboo rods and yellowish lights all around. Sitting on the… Continue Reading →

Cafe in Taoyuan 8:56 pm

I’m sitting at a table in a garden drinking tea, it is dark, the ambient light from the nearby cafe building spilling out on the people sitting here combined with a small oil lamp is the only thing that illuminates… Continue Reading →

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