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September 2010

Yeliu 2:21 pm

I am standing under a cloudless sky, with nothing to give me shade near by, the sun makes me feel hot though I’m just standing still and my hat creates a band of sweat on my brow, but the surrounding… Continue Reading →

Zhudong market 8:07 pm

I am sitting on a stone wall, dangling my feet over a red bricked square, my girl is by my side and I have a cold drink in my hand. I rest my hand on her leg and gaze up… Continue Reading →

Hsinchu beach 2:46 pm

The typhoon is here, the typhoon is here, it’s all over the news and we all know it’s here. While the people in cities all around us are caught in the storm, it is not much of it going on… Continue Reading →

Apartment in Hsinchu 2:55 am.

The room is dark but i can still se the gray shapes of things. The room is quiet but I can still hear the woosh of the air conditioning. Somewhere to my right I can sense the presence of my… Continue Reading →

Over Göteborg 12:45 pm

The same familiar airplane surroundings, the screen now tells me I am over Göteborg, my home town. What bothers me is not the effort I spent the last two days to get to Stockholm via my parents house just to… Continue Reading →

Over Örebro 12:28 pm.

In front of me, the blue leather back of a seat and a bland gray piece of plastic euphemistically called a table with the words “Fasten seatbelt while seated” and “Lifejacket under your seat” printed on it. To my left,… Continue Reading →

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