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Month September 2010

Yeliu 2:21 pm

I am standing under a cloudless sky, with nothing to give me shade near by, the sun makes me feel hot though I’m just standing still and my hat creates a band of sweat on my brow, but the surrounding landscape makes me forget my discomfort. Behind me a foliage clad cliff wall and in front of me a series of strange rock formations with the enchantingly blue – almost turquoise –  sea in the background. Somewhere closer to the sea, hidden from view by the jumble of odd rocks is a painted red line: when someone sets even one … Read the rest

Zhudong market 8:07 pm

I am sitting on a stone wall, dangling my feet over a red bricked square, my girl is by my side and I have a cold drink in my hand. I rest my hand on her leg and gaze up at the full moon shining brightly behind a thin veil of clouds. It is strange how such a simple thing can be so beautiful. My girl snuggles up to me in the surprisingly cool air and I feel the smooth skin of her thigh against my palm. I sit here and feel absolutely content, the perfect ending to a perfect … Read the rest

Hsinchu beach 2:46 pm

The typhoon is here, the typhoon is here, it’s all over the news and we all know it’s here. While the people in cities all around us are caught in the storm, it is not much of it going on in Hsinchu. So, I have gone to the beach to get some typhoon action. To my left is the greyish sea, to my right a series of concrete wave breakers buried in the sand and an embankment leading up to the waterfront path. And underneath my feet is the dark gray, almost black, surface of the low tide sand. Light … Read the rest

Apartment in Hsinchu 2:55 am.

The room is dark but i can still se the gray shapes of things. The room is quiet but I can still hear the woosh of the air conditioning. Somewhere to my right I can sense the presence of my girlfriend. I was tired earlier but now I seem to have come out on the other side of the weariness of a long flight and I can not fall asleep. I wish I could sleep, the logical part of my mind tells me i need it but I feel fully awake. At least there is one good thing about this, … Read the rest

Over Göteborg 12:45 pm

The same familiar airplane surroundings, the screen now tells me I am over Göteborg, my home town. What bothers me is not the effort I spent the last two days to get to Stockholm via my parents house just to be back so suddenly; neither is it the rather soggy excuse of a sandwich they have provided me with. No, what bothers me is why they provided a packet of skimmed milk, some sugar and a small – in lack of a better word – spoon with my sandwich. What also bothers me is why they decided to make a … Read the rest

Over Örebro 12:28 pm.

In front of me, the blue leather back of a seat and a bland gray piece of plastic euphemistically called a table with the words “Fasten seatbelt while seated” and “Lifejacket under your seat” printed on it. To my left, an incredibly bright sky, white clouds and wing of an aircraft. Up and to the right is a small screen with a rather grainy graphic showing me that I am over Örebro, my parents home town. I left here for Stockholm a little over five hours ago and now I am back. Was it worth all that trouble? Wouldn’t it … Read the rest

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