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Our bathroom, 3:16 pm

We’ve decided to take down the bathroom mirror and replace it with a cabinet. Unfortunately, the thing has been glued to the wall with silicon and it’s nearly impossible to get it down. So here I am, dressed in as… Continue Reading →

Niesko Ski Resort, Holiday pair Lift, 4:54 pm

I’m sitting here in the lift, waiting for it to bring me to the top, contemplating my situation. It’s really quite strange when you think about it, you travel hundreds if not thousands of kilometers to some small town somewhere… Continue Reading →

Mok fa waterfall, 11:39 am

It seems no matter how many waterfalls I see, they still have a powerful draw for me. This one is neither the highest nor the widest I’ve seen in this journey, just two streams of water, tumbling down an irregular… Continue Reading →

Tavan village 3:23 pm

I’m looking out over the valley below and the mountains rising up on the other side. The slopes are all covered with terraced fields making them look like the sides of giant stepped pyramids. It’s late in the year now,… Continue Reading →

Somewhere near Vinh Long, 5pm

The sun is shining,  the rain seems to have dried up completely; the road is straight, only one way forward, with trees and small shops by the side, I keep the throttle at a steady 60 km/h. The theme to… Continue Reading →

Road 54, 3:19 pm

All morning we drove through relatively tame terrain, rolling hills of green pastures and fields, the mountains in the background less steep than normal, without snow on the tops and even some swatches of green climbing the slopes. Since around… Continue Reading →

Romme Alpin 10:13 am

An observation on human behavior: There are two lifts that take you to the main summit of this ski slope; one is a chairlift that seats six abreast, the other is a dual anchor lift. They are roughly equally fast,… Continue Reading →

Ming sheng road, 1:00 pm

Doors and windows are slightly rounded, as if seen through a fish eye lens. Straight lines are scewed and the whole world sort of wobbles as I walk, a wave traversing through asphalt, concrete, glass and steel with every movement… Continue Reading →

Östlibacken 10:07 am

The lateness of the winter sunrise means that even I am able to witness its glory. Where the valley opens up in the east, the dawn has broken through the ash grey clouds overhead with gusto and vibrance. Left is… Continue Reading →

South western Sweden 3:23 pm

The train is thundering through the kind of  landscape that seems typical of the un-forrested parts of northern europe: open plains, groves of trees and small hillocks on the horizon. Everything is covered in a thin layer of snow, the… Continue Reading →

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