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Northern Italy

My company has sent me on a business trip to Milano. While I haven’t taken any time off for traveling like I did last time I came here for business, I’ve spent what little free time I have exploring as much as I can of northern Italy.


Last time I was in Milano I crossed the main tourist spots off the list. This time I was here with a different colleague so I ended up revisiting a few of them, and adding a few others.

The Milan cathedral, or Duomo as it is known in Italian, is of course … Read the rest

Spring in Sweden

Last week one of my best friends got married so of course I had to fly back to Sweden to be there for him. Renegade Wife and I spent the week before the wedding in Göteborg meeting up with old friends in lots of different constellations which was great fun. In fact, I had too much fun chatting with them to remember to take photos.

Anyway, the wedding was on Saturday last week. The ceremony was a bit unusual compared to most Swedish ones I’ve been to since the bride has polish ancestry, but beautiful all the same and the couple looked very … Read the rest


Today was our last whole day in Italy, and we spent it in Florence. This is a much bigger city than all the other places we have visited, with lots of things to see. I’m sure you could spend several days there checking out the various churches, palaces and museums but we only had one afternoon, so we focused in on the main goals, the cathedral and the Uffizi art gallery. Because this is such a popular tourist destination, there was of course a lot of people, with massive queues for the biggest attractions; to skip the queue we decided … Read the rest


Today we have taken things easy compared to the other days and focused on a single tourist site, Siena. It is a larger city than all the other places we visited and there were a lot more tourists. It has several well know places to visit like the Cathedral, The Palio horse races on the Piazza del Campo and the hospital Santa Maria della Scala. We strolled around there for several hours and though we didn’t go in to all of them (the tickets for the cathedral, for example, were unreasonably expensive), we saw most of them from the outside.… Read the rest


During most of my business trips my parents and I don’t bother to see each other but this time, since my wife joined, they couldn’t resist. So on Tuesday Yini and I took the train north from Napoli to a small town called Chiusi Chianciano Terme in Toscana where my parents picked us up in their rental car. The hotel is in another town not too far away from Chiusi but there are several picturesque little towns in the area so we stopped by a place called Pienza and strolled around there for an hour or so before going to … Read the rest

The Amalfi Coast

Except for Pompeii, one of the most famous places in the area around Napoli is the Amalfi coast. It is basically a coastal road connecting a number of small towns and villages  along the south side of the Sorrento peninsula. Since the road was bound to be small, Yini and I decided to rent a scooter – or more precisely a Vespa –  and ride from Salerno out to Sorrent then all the way back to Napoli.

I set out in the morning to go collect the scooter from the rental shop, and after picking up Yini back at the … Read the rest


I thought I might get some more chances to post but me and my colleagues have kept busy in the evenings with dinners with our customers and such, so there hasn’t really been much worth posting about. Most of the time business trips end when the work is over but because this is Italy me and some of my colleagues decided to stay some days extra. I’ve also promised my wife to take her to Pompeii and this was a good opportunity.

Renegade wife arrived already on Friday evening and joined us for dinner. Yesterday our little group dispersed, one … Read the rest


The company I work for has sold a machine to a customer in Milano and I and three of my colleagues have gone there to install it. We landed around noon on Sunday, and after picking up our bags and getting to the hotel, we had a few hours to see the city. We spent them in the vicinity of the city’s main tourist attraction, Duomo di Milano, or Milan Cathedral. The cathedral is very easy to reach, just take the subway to the Duomo station. The Piazza in front was full of tourists milling about, taking photos and such, … Read the rest

Back to Taiwan

Sunday was our very last day in Sweden but because we had several hours before our plane left we decided to make one last excursion in Stockholm. To make the most of it we left the hotel a bit earlier than normal and took the tram to Stockholm’s big outdoor museum Skansen.

We spent the morning and early afternoon walking around among the various old houses, farms and churches. There is even a small zoo with a few moose, seals, and Yinis favourite, brown bears.

Read the rest

Stockholm Skärgård

Saturday was our last whole day in Sweden, so we planned to go to the archipelago. Our goal was to use the Hop On Hop Off bus to get to the pier where we could take the boat, but after waiting at the bus stop for a good thirty five minutes we found out the buses weren’t running properly, so we changed to the metro instead. When we got to the pier there was already a long queue so the boat got pretty crowded but still not too bad. We had a pleasant enough journey out to Vaxholm, the most … Read the rest

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