When I woke up this morning, I felt like going out to do something, but at the same time didn’t really have any plans for where to go.  So me and Yini took it easy for a little while, then took the lazy mans option, and drove out in the car instead of with the motorbike. We headed east towards the mountains with a semi clear goal in our minds but no map. We followed road signs in roughly the right direction but took a wrong turn somewhere and ended going more or less the wrong way. Luckily we found signs pointing us back towards our goal via a back road.  Passing through a small village, we noticed that some houses were painted in bright colors, and as the streets became more colorful, we decided to stop and look around.

The pictures speak for themselves: very nice and colorful, a good way to brighten up a small mountain village. It was a nice little village to stroll around in and enjoy the art, and it looked like it is a work in progress. I will make sure to check it out again in the future.

From there we drove deeper into the mountains on roads that were becoming increasingly broken, some parts had even been washed away by recent torrential rains. We eventually came to a village that seemed to be constantly damp, judging from the mold on the road side barriers. This is were the mountain start to become wild, and the scenery becomes more beautiful than the more civilized parts. Take for instance, the river through the centre of town:

Had we continued, the vistas would likely have been more spectacular and more remote. However, it was getting late in the day, not to mention you need a special pass to enter the national park, so a trip up to there will just have to wait. For now, we turned around and headed down. On the way down, we found an abandoned amusement park that was so overgrown we could barely see the attractions. That too will have to wait for a time when we are better equipped.

You need more than shorts and flip flops to explore this place

And lastly, two pics from the day that are more artsy than descriptive. I guess you can call them vanity shots. Anyway, I just like them, perhaps you will too.