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Month July 2016

The cross island ride: Taroko Gorge

Today we set off towards Taroko Gorge which will be our starting point for the actual crossing.

Got a little mascot attached on the motorbike. 

A few kilometers out from Hualien city we went down to a secluded beach. When I was younger I would have jumped into the water directly but now I didn’t feel like it. I still took off my shoes, rolled up my trousers and just stood in the water’s edge, letting the waves wash over my feet. By now this has become a kind of ritual for me.

The secluded beach

After that we headed … Read the rest

The cross island ride: Hualien

At the beginning of this year I decided I should ride my motorbike from east Taiwan, across the central mountains to the west. With lots of other things taking up our time it’s not until now the wife and I were able to go.

On Friday evening we took the train to Hualien city on the east coast.We have several days for our trip, so instead of setting off directly on Saturday morning,  we stayed in Hualien for some relaxed sightseeing. Among the places we visited were Liyu lake, Lien Cheng lotus garden and Qiqi highlands.

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Taking the coast road back from Taiping

Since Yini and I had to go to work on Monday, our goal for Sunday was mainly just to get back home. We did have all day however, so we decided to take the long way around i.e. the coast road, stopping along the way whenever we felt like it.

Our first stop was rather random, just some large flat cliffs stretching out into the sea where Albin, Oscar and I walked around for a bit looking for crabs.

Next up was the sandiago lighthouse where the boys could get a bit … Read the rest

Taiping mountain 

A while ago mom told me that the son of her friend was coming to Taiwan. I used to know the kid when I was young, so I suggested the wife and I could take him round to some interesting places. He arrived yesterday afternoon and I met him and his friend up in Taipei. We went to Taipei 101 to take in the view, then met up with my wife in a night market for dinner.

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Keelung to Hsinchu

There is lots to see around keelung, but I had set my sights on an island close to the harbor opening called Peace Island. It is densely populated and not much different from the city, but a park out by the sea is famous for it’s beautiful landscape. We went there the first thing we did in the morning, and although the landscape was indeed beautiful, it was a little too small and too touristic for my taste. There was a walkway leading off towards some more secluded cliffs but sadly it had been damaged and was closed. I think … Read the rest

Under the unobtainable balcony 1:40 pm.

Bushwacking uphill in 35 degree heat under a scorching sun is hard work. My entire body is drenched in sweat and my heart is beating so hard I can feel the thumping in my shoulder blades, but I finally made it to the building with the unobtainable balcony. I can see the stairs up, they are just 20 meters away and I’m filled with anticipation, but first I need to rest.… Read the rest

13 level copper factory 

Some years ago me and a few others went to an abandoned copper refinery in Jinguashi near Keelung. That time we were ill prepared so we didn’t see all of it, but I promised myself I would come back one day. This weekend Renegade Wife needed to work but I didn’t feel like staying inside all Saturday. Since she is not all that into urban exploration, I decided this would be the weekend I went back.

On Friday morning I took the motorbike to work instead of the train like normal, and as soon as I got off work Friday … Read the rest

Company parking lot, 1:40 pm

My boss has sent me to the head office on the other side of town and I need to be there shortly after two which behooves me to set out right after lunch. I’ve only gone the short distance from the door to my parking space at the far end of the lot but I’m already sweating from thr midday heat, and despite being protected by my jeans, the seat of the scooter feels like sitting on a frying pan. Normally the slipstream would be enough to cool me down a bit but as I speed up, even the wind … Read the rest

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