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January 2016

Snow in Taiwan

I should have written this last week but I kind of forgot about it for a few days and after that I’ve been too lazy. Anyway, here goes. When we woke up on Saturday morning it was freezing cold, it must… Continue Reading →

Zhonghua road, 8:14 am

It’s just pouring down, heavy drops patter incessantly on the visor of my helmet and although I’m dressed for battle with elements, rain jacket, rain pants, and big floppy shoe covers that are impossible to walk in, there is till considerable discomfort. The… Continue Reading →

From Kenting back to Hsinchu

Since it was raining heavily the night before we had started to plan some indoor activities for the day, but when we woke up the rain had subsided and there were some blue patches in the sky so we skipped… Continue Reading →

Knife shopping and Kenting

The thing about driving across Taiwan is, you have to get back somehow, and taking the same road back wasn’t all that interesting, so we decided to go south, round the tip then back north along the west side. We… Continue Reading →

Cross Island Highway

A couple of months ago, Renegade wife and I climbed the peak of Hehuanshan, which is roughly half way along the Cross Island Highway. Due to time constraints we were unable to drive all the way to the east coast… Continue Reading →

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