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Month August 2022


”Angels! They're real!” the old man slurred, his face inches from mine, his breath stinking of alcohol. ”Is that so,” I replied in a flat voice, turning away to avoid the stench. ” 'as right, as real as you or me,” the man said matter-of-factly, ”but they're not what you think they are.” ”Uh-hu,” I mumbled, taking a swig of my beer. ”Just ignore him,” Miriam hissed beside me. ”God and The Devil are real too,” the man continued, seemingly oblivious to my disinterest, ”but their roles are reversed.” 
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The Neglected Temple

I’ve previously written about what I like to call neglected spaces, those places that are not fully abandoned but rarely see any use. An interesting example of such a place is the Putian Temple which sits on a hill overlooking Hsinchu City. The temple itself is in use and seems to have a fair amount of visitors. However, on the hillside below it it is a semi-abandoned park full of weird statues, that becomes more overgrown and dilapidated the further you get from the main building. Actually the temple itself is pretty weird as well. Instead of trying (and … Read the rest

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