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Month December 2013

Going south for the winter

It has been what I like to call  November weather, that is around ten degrees and rain, for the last week or so here in north Taiwan. So this weekend, Yini and I did like the migrating birds and moved south for the winter. On Friday evening, we said screw you to the cold weather and took the high speed rail to kaohsiung. As we left rather late, we stayed the night in Kaohsiung  then left for Taiwan’s premier beach town, Kenting in the morning.

I’ve been to Kenting several times before, and I’ve spent most of those times either … Read the rest

Zhonghua road 5:53 pm

It’s drizzling, not very heavily, but enough to make the world damp: a steady layer of water on the road surface that soaks through my shoes when I set my feet down; drops all over my clothes that collect in little puddles in the folds of my jacket, and spray coming off the wheels of passing cars. As soon as the needle of the speedometer indicates more than 40, the droplets hitting my face feel like a sand blaster, and the chill of the air is quickly transferred to my bare hands. General all around misery! But there is one … Read the rest

Last weekend, me and Yini visited her parents. Since we do this quite often, I normally don’t write about it, but this time was somewhat different. We left home on Saturday afternoon, and headed south along the highway. Around Sanyi we left the highway and followed some fairly small roads out into rural Taiwan. A short while later we came to a place called Zuolan, which does not look like much to the world. However I found it could well be worth a visit, at least if you are passing by the area.

Stopping by the side of a small … Read the rest

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