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Month June 2015

Climbing Flame Mountain

Every time we drive south on the highway we pass a series of cliffs and ridges formed of orange soil, that are commonly called Flame Mountain. Recently Yini found out there is a walking trail there so last weekend we went to check it out. Since my scooter has been feeling tired and slow lately I bought a new one on Friday and to test it out we went there by scooter. It was more or less just a long slog on boring roads but thanks to the new scooter it felt effortless.

The trail itself starts a few paces into the … Read the rest

Zhongshan road, 6:43 pm

The light turns green and a bunch of scooters, me included, launch forward. Just as we’re picking up speed I see a lone scooter cutting across the path of the swarm at an angle.  “that can’t be good” I think, just before a rider in front and to the right of me smacks into the side of it. It’s not a big crash, more like a bump, but the rider that was hit gets knocked down while the other remains upright. My heart leaps at the sight, like I’ve been kicked in the chest from the inside, and I instinctively … Read the rest

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