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Month April 2013

Hunting for bugs and flowers

Spring in Taiwan happens to be the season for two things, namely Tong flowers, the Taiwanese counterpart to Japanese sakura, and fireflies. Despite a slight drizzle, me, Yini and our friend Kai decided to go out hunting for both. We started by driving north east until white blotches among the green of the mountains told us tong trees were abundant. We got out of the car and walked around for a bit, finding the ground littered with white blossoms.

Having strolled around for … Read the rest

Nanzhuang mountains 7:15 pm

Umbrellas in our hands to shield us against the rain, we walk down a small dirt road in the dark. Save for a few burst from the flashlight to make sure we don’t veer off into the undergrowth, it is near perfect dark. A deep, blueish grey mist hangs over the mountain, the beam from the flashlight spreads a diffuse white glow around us. Against this misty background, the profiles of trees rise up from the shadowy undergrowth, black shapes on a dark background. Among all these half visible shadows are dazzling lights, hundreds of small, florescent dots, lighting up … Read the rest

Nanzhuang mountains 5:19 pm

We follow a small mountain road until we reach a fork, I take the left, which seems to be the main road, but my girlfriend points out it might be wrong, so I back up and turn right. We are now faced with a muddy, broken piece of road undergoing repairs. Gingerly I inch the car forward and, like a little donkey it takes us past without a hitch. It seems this short stretch of roadworks has transported us off the relative comfort of Taiwanese roads to a more remote area a South American jungle. The road is narrow and … Read the rest

By the side of the road

Yesterday me and Yini drove down to Erlin to see her parents and today, while driving back, we decided to take the express way rather than the highway. There were road works on one part of the road, which led us down to the normal roads, which was lucky. Just as I was about to turn back onto the expressway Yini pointed out an interesting house just off the road, so I took right just before the on-ramp, and parked by the roadside. Having a chance to look more closely, it turned out be he remains of an abandoned factory, … Read the rest

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