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February 2011

Park by my old apartment 7:27 pm

A snow-clad soft, low hill with a light post at the top casting a cone of light outwards like a beacon, rather than straight down; forming a bright circle at the bottom of the hill. Small, soft snowflakes floating slowly… Continue Reading →

Outside my house 7:31 am

The air is cold and the sky is a clear blue. A single streak of cloud, coloured pink by the rising sun, crosses the sky like a streamer. I’m walking home in the early morning, slightly drunk from the night’s… Continue Reading →

My appartment 7:17 am

I am standing in front of the window in a nearly dark room, only lit up by the pre dawn twilight. I’m looking out at the world in this early hour with tired eyes, I am not meant to be… Continue Reading →

On the way home 2:28 pm

My shoes are leaking, my shoes are leaking, my shoes are leaking, my shoes are leaking, my shoes are leaking. It is around three degrees outside and rain is falling from a milky white sky onto the same boring old… Continue Reading →

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