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October 2015

Penghu sightseeing

The main island of Penghu is actually made up of three islands connected by bridges to form a large horseshoe. We live in the biggest town on one end of the horseshoe, today we decided to go sightseeing on the… Continue Reading →

Penghu and Qimei

Yini and I decided to make this weekend and long one and travel to the small island of Penghu. We both left work early on Thursday then headed to the airport and we arrived here in the evening. Our original… Continue Reading →

My appartment, 2:42 am

I’ve been playing computer games into the wee hours of the morning but now it’s time to get some sleep. Just as I’m about to go off to bed, an idea hits me, I grab my phone then search out… Continue Reading →

The Edge of Adventure

Today was the last day of our central Taiwan trip. We started slow, getting up late and having a long breakfast, leaving the hotel around eleven. The evening before we had checked up a few places we wanted to go… Continue Reading →

Wedding and Earthquake Museum

We left our hotel pretty early in the morning thinking we would reach the wedding ceremony in good time. When we were just a few kilometers from Sun Moon Lake however, we got stuck in a massive traffic jam. When we… Continue Reading →

Climbing Hehuanshan

One of Yinis cousins is getting married this weekend and the wedding is in Sun Moon Lake. It also happens to be a long weekend due to the national day, so Yini and I decided to go play in central… Continue Reading →

Hehuanshan pass, 5:51 pm

We are driving on a narrow, winding road high in the central Taiwan mountains when the mist around us suddenly becomes thicker. Visibility immediately decreases to just a few meters, it’s like driving through milk. Then, out of the fog,… Continue Reading →

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