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Month April 2016

Cherry Blossoms and glass shoes

If you go to Alishan you are supposed to see the sunrise but I did it a few years ago, and it’s really not that fantastic. So while the rest of the hotel rose to join the sunrise tour, we slept soundly in our beds and got up at a far more reasonable time.

We spent the morning walking around in the Alishan forest recreation area. Most of the easily accessible trails consist of wooden platforms elevated above the forest floor which let you take in the scenery at leisure. There are plenty of tourists walking about but thanks to … Read the rest


When we go on this kind of short trip we usually don’t do much research or planning before hand. This means we’re always taking a bit of a chance with the places we go to, normally it works out just fine but sometimes It doesn’t; today things didn’t go as well as we hoped. We were planning to hike the Spi Spi trail to a place called Titanic Rock. When we got to the trailhead however, a sign informed us it would take two and a half hours to hike there which we felt would demand better preparation, so we … Read the rest

Exploring Jiayi

This weekend is the tomb sweeping day so we got two extra days off. On Saturday it was apparently international pillow fight day, so we joined a pillow fight event in Taipei. It was quite simple, just bring a pillow and show up, but fantastically fun.

Ready for the pillow fight
Pillow fight group photo
Lots of pillows in the air
One more group photo
Me and a random guy having a pillow fight

We’ve seen most parts of Taiwan but we haven’t really been sightseeing in Jaiyi county so we decided to spend the remainder of the weekend there. … Read the rest

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