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Month June 2017

The long way to Long Dong

A while ago my colleague mentioned that he would go to Long Dong over the weekend. His description of the place made me interested, and this weekend me and the wife finally had time to go. 

For the sake of added adventure I decided we should go by motorbike and while there are fairly fast routes, they largely go through urban areas which is not much fun. So after a bit of playing around in Google maps, i deviced a route that would take us through the mountains out to the north east coast. Here is roughly the route I … Read the rest

Film comparison: The Thing 1982 VS 2011

I haven’t seen The Thing until now. I know it’s a classic but somehow I’ve managed to miss it. Last weekend I decided to rectify that, but while looking it up on IMDB, I realized there is also a remake that came out back in 2011, and since I like to make comparisons between similar movies I just had to see that one too.

For a movie that is over 30 years old, I think there’s little point in a spoiler warning but in writing this very sentence I have inadvertently made one, so consider yourself warned.

In case you … Read the rest

Jungle trail and waterfall

Always on the lookout for places to go and things to do my wife recently used her googling skills to find a hiking trail and waterfall in the nearby mountain area that we hadn’t been to yet (good work Honey). It seemed like a fun trail, so today we decided to go there. We took the motorbike up to the mountains and parked at the trail head; from there it was only a few hundred meters to the waterfall. Since it was a pretty hot day, the pool of clear, turquoise water at one the steps of the fall looked … Read the rest

Book Review: Patricia Cornwell – Unnatural Exposure

A while back, when I was travelling around in south east Asia, I ran out of books to read, so I went to a nearby second hand bookstore aimed at tourists to see what I could find. Of the few classics that they had on hand I had already read everything I was interested in so I turned to their large section of crime drama; apparently, most people read crime drama when travelling, because they had loads of it. I’ve never been a fan of the genre but I figured I might as well give it a try, however, I … Read the rest

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