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August 2014

Stein Holzbrucke 6:05 am

I am crossing a small wooden bridge, the sound of the river rushing past beneath my feet is very visceral. It surges by with a noisome gurgling that drowns out the only other sound to be heard this early, that… Continue Reading →

Riverside path Bad Säckingen, 10:54 am

I’m sweating despite the early autumn chill, my heat is thumping in my chest and my breathing is labored. I’m running on a small path along the river, everything is damp from the rain, my steps squelch in the mud…. Continue Reading →

Mittlere Rheinbrucke, 1:20 pm

There is a person swimming in the river! What the hell? I am standing on a bridge over the river Rhein in the middle of a fairly big city and really did not expect anyone to be swimming in the… Continue Reading →

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