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Month October 2014

Crossing the Island: Back to the West

Since today was the last day of the weekend we had to get back home. With a few stops along the way it took us the better part of two days to go right across the island. Instead of going back the same way we took the route around the northern tip.

There is a fast highway option that takes a short cut through a long tunnel, but we went for the scenic route along the coast line instead. We have done this route before so there shouldn’t be that much new to see. However, a storm must be brewing … Read the rest

Crossing the island part two.

This is part two in a series of posts about crossing Taiwan from west to east. Unfortunately part one has gone missing somewhere in the land where data goes to die. At this point I’m not able to recreate it so a quick summary will have to do. Basically, we took the car and drove through the mountains north of Hsinchu, following the so called Roma Road going eastward, stopping here and there along the way. Here’s my favorite photo from the first day:

That’s it for the summary, now on to the second day of the trip:

We slept … Read the rest

Photo post from southern Germany

For the last two months I have been on a business trip in southern Germany and Switzerland. I am finally back in Taiwan and I felt i should make a small post about it. Naturally I spent most of the time working but I had some chances to go travel in the area during the weekends. The places I went to were mostly just small German or Swiss towns and there’s really not much to tell expect showing the photos.

Read the rest

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