It’s been a while since I’ve written anything because it’s been too cold and wet to really go anywhere. Last weekend however, it was nice and sunny so Yini and I took the opportunity to go out with the motorcycle. We rode east out of the city, passed through the little town of queerly painted houses that we visited last year, and on to the Five Fingers Mountains.

At a small temple we found an fairly steep little walking trail that we followed. It was a bit of a struggle for Yini and I got pretty tired as well but I think the effort was worth it.

Temple at the start of the trail

Though there was not as much of a view as you might expect, we did come upon a fantastic cave or crevice cutting straight through the living rock, almost like a tunnel. It was exceedingly narrow and even steeper than the path we walked to get to it. Being a bit of a spelunker, I thoroughly enjoyed just walking down this narrow slit of a crevice.

When we came down from the trail we hopped on the bike and head back towards town via a different route than the one we took up. When we came to Baoshan reservoir we decide to make a brief stop as this was the place Yini taught me to ride a scooter some five years ago. It was so nice there that we decided to circumnavigate the reservoir on the little road that surrounds it. This is a great road for riding a motorbike with plenty twists and turns to make it fun to ride and an awsome view of the lake at well neigh every turn.

Just as we got back to the main road, we were hit by a few drops of rain and saw flashes of lighting in the distance, so we hastened homeward, hoping to get back before it got too bad. Alas to no avail, about half way home we got caught in a thunderstorm that could nearly rival a typhoon in terms of downpour. By the time we got home, we were more or less soaked through.

On Sunday the storm had abated, so we headed out on the bike again. We were riding around more a random this time, and eventually found ourselves following the small path by the river out towards the coast. It was less of an adventure than on Saturday uet it felt nice to just get out two days in a row.

Yini in a field of flowers close by the river