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July 2018

Revisiting the Abandoned Amusement Park Temple

About two years ago Renegade Wife and I visited an old amusement park that had been turned into a Buddhist temple. There were some parts of the park that we didn’t have time to visit and I’ve always wanted to… Continue Reading →

Fictionalizing the News No. 8: The Bomb Scare

Fictionalizing the News is a writing exercise I set myself where I take a news article and turn it into a short story. Though the following story is based in real events I do not purport to be telling the… Continue Reading →

The Museums of Yokohama

My mom is part of an international women’s organization called  Zonta which organized a big conference in Yokohama this summer. My mom was going as a delegate for her club in Sweden and my dad was going with her. Since… Continue Reading →

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