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Month July 2018

Revisiting the Abandoned Amusement Park Temple

About two years ago Renegade Wife and I visited an old amusement park that had been turned into a Buddhist temple. There were some parts of the park that we didn’t have time to visit and I’ve always wanted to go back. Last weekend we finally took the time to go there again. Because it’s been a while since I took the motorbike out I decided it would be a good day to go for a ride. However, it was a bit cloudy so we packed some rain gear and a couple of umbrellas just in case.

It was … Read the rest

Fictionalizing the News No. 8: The Bomb Scare

Jonathan Wright was tired, he had been traveling for close to 24 hours now, only getting a few hours of sleep on the long haul flight from Jakarta to Istanbul. Now he was in Paris, one last flight and he would be home in London. After passing through security for the third time this trip, a process that was always an enormous hassle, he went straight to the gate and sat down in one of the chairs. Normally he would walk around looking in the various tax free stores but he had no energy, instead he connected his phone to the airport WiFi and started listlessly watching YouTube videos. ...continue reading

The Museums of Yokohama

My mom is part of an international women’s organization called  Zonta which organized a big conference in Yokohama this summer. My mom was going as a delegate for her club in Sweden and my dad was going with her. Since they would be fairly close it seemed like a good opportunity for me and the wife to meet up with them for a few days, so we booked a couple of tickets to Yokohama.

Although Yokohama is a pretty big city it’s not particularly well known for anything. Renegade Wife however did her homework and found out that the city … Read the rest

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