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Month January 2018

Kiroro ski resort, Expert A course, 1:46 pm

It’s cold, if there’s even a slight gap in my armou of winter clothing I feel it immediately. It’s snowing, the icy flakes sting the exposed skin of my face and stick to my beard, forming a frozen mask around my mouth. Visibility is low, at most some 50 meters before the world disappears in a thick milky fog. Given the circumstances you’d think that I’d be miserable but I’m ecstatic; I’m literally ass deep in soft fluffy powder with a snowboard under my feet and it feels like surfing on clouds. Bloody awesome!… Read the rest

Fictionalizing the News No 4.: The Trump Letter

They were serious men who gathered around the conference table that morning, all dark suits and no-nonsense facial expressions. At the head of the table was John Bellinger, a former State Department legal adviser under Condoleezza Rice. A number of other prominent men were spread around the table, among them Michael Hayden, former director of both CIA and NSA, previous Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte and former Homeland Security secretaries Tom Ridge and Michael Chertoff. ...continue reading

Useful knowledge for living in Taiwan

I’ve been living in Taiwan for several years now. I’ve gained a fair bit of knowledge through some sort of cultural osmosis, and by now I have a pretty good feel for the country and its culture. I’d like to share some of that knowledge with my readers (all three of them). Back when I first wrote this I thought a single post would be enough but since then I have written three more that you can find here, here and here.

1.: The counting system

In Chinese, numbers and counting works more or less the same way … Read the rest

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