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August 2011

Ullared ~1 pm to ~ 3 pm

DEODORANT! Piles of deodorant, the staff havent even bothered to put them on shelves. All around are all kinds of cosmetics in all colours, types and sizes. A few steps away are rugged outdoor clothes, winter jackets and rain pants… Continue Reading →

Slow tourism roadtrip

We have been lacking an internet connections lately but now we are back in Sweden so its time for one last post about our north European trip. Coming back from the draisines, we slept one night in Reettas parent’s house then… Continue Reading →

24 hours on the track

The last few days in Finland have been great. We arrived here on Sunday morning and my friend Reetta met us up in the train station and brought us to her parents house. They cant speak a word of English… Continue Reading →

Last day in the Baltics

Today we did some final exploring of Narva, visiting Narva Castle and seeing the Swedish lion monument. We did everything slowly seeing as we had a lot of time and not that much to see. It was nice to take… Continue Reading →

Spying on Russia

There is more to Estonia than just Tallinn, or at least that was our premise, so we searched through lonely planet for tips on other places to visit. Shunning both beaches and national parks (we’ve seen plenty of that already)… Continue Reading →

Water and ruins

After the lest few  days barrage of old towns and soviet prisons we figured we needed a bit of nature. According to the guide book, there should be a beach not too far from central Tallinn so we decided to… Continue Reading →

Soviet style adventures in Tallinn

Today has been a much better day than yesterday, I’m back to my normal happy self. We started by some shooting…or rather I did the shooting while Yini acted as a photographer. I got to shoot a revolver, a 9mm… Continue Reading →

Linna Hall 2:39 pm

We are exploring a big, hulking soviet relic of some kind, an immense concrete structure, built in several tiers, wide staircases leading up to and over the roof. A plaque tells us that this is Linna hall, a concert hall, built in… Continue Reading →

Having a bad day

Apparently traveling is not always a pleasant endeavor, or rather, sometimes things don’t turn out as well as you hoped. I got up bright and early this morning, intent on going to an old Soviet fallout shelter to fire and… Continue Reading →

From the Gulf of Riga to the Baltic sea

During the last few days, the internet access has been very limited as we have been camping slightly northwest of the middle of nowhere.  We had read in our guide-book that a place called Cape Kolka was supposed to be very… Continue Reading →

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