Renegade Wife is often nice enough to search for interesting places for us to go. A little while ago she found one place which used to be an amusement park but has later been taken over by a Buddhist organisation who have turned it into a kind of temple or monastery. Many of the old amusement park buildings still stand however, but remain unused; in essence, it’s like an abandoned amusement park within the temple grounds. This sounded very interesting to us so we went to check it out.

The Buddhists who run the place also have a small cafe where we stopped by after exploring the castle. The cafe serves home made ice cream and hand ground coffee (you grind your own beans). There are no prices, you just donate whatever amount you think is suitable.

Yini grinding beans for her cup of coffee

After our coffee break we kept exploring, starting with the most interesting part, the King Kong statue and the area around it.

The place was surprisingly big so we continued walking further down the road. We found a few different shrines and meditation rooms but also several smaller abandoned places.

At this point we thought there wouldn’t be more to see but I walked a little bit further and saw that there was indeed something more, so we continued.

By now we thought we must have reached the end but Yini spied what looked like a castle even further down the mountain which I really wanted to see. However, we only had an hour until they would close the gates and we still had to hike back up to the entrance. We didn’t dare chance it so we turned back, but I definitely have to come back another time and see the rest of the place.