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July 2013

Korea trip day 6 & 7, back to Seoul

The last day in Busan, we had one final thing we wanted to do before heading back.  For few days now we had  passed the Busan Aquarium several times, so we decided to check it out. I’ve been to a… Continue Reading →

Korea trip, an evening at Siloam sauna

I have entered the fomentation room (I don’t even know what that means) which is a large hall with a low ceiling, where people dressed in loose-fitting shorts and t-shirt, the men in all white and the women in red and orange, are… Continue Reading →

Korea trip day 5, Temple and markets

Having spent most of Wednesday at the beach, we decided to do something a bit different on Thursday. Looking over the possible tourist spots we had two options, one was an old fortress up in the mountains, the other a… Continue Reading →

Korea Trip day 4, Beach life

We arrived in Korea’s second city, and all around beach paradise, Busan yesterday evening. By the time we had checked in to our luxurious hotel room (we suspect it is a love hotel, but who cares) and rested up a… Continue Reading →

Korea trip day 3, DMZ tour

I try to not take a tour if it is possible to avoid it, but for visiting the border with north korea, independent tourism was not possible. I arrived at the tour registration desk at seven in the morning. Way too early… Continue Reading →

Korea trip day 1 & 2, the first days in Seoul

Me and Yini have gone on a short trip to Korea. We landed in Seoul on Saturday night, found our hotel, then went out to explore. The city was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday night but we did find a… Continue Reading →

Disaster tourism

Now, I do not condone people pulling up their smartphones and filming the scene of an accident rather than helping the victim (this is a real problem, look it up). However, I do understand people engaging in disaster tourism, such… Continue Reading →

Hukou 6:38 pm

I’m on a motorcycle, not a scooter this time but a proper one, with manual gearbox and all. I’m sitting upright on the loaf of bread saddle, bright green gas tank up front, gripped between my thighs for stability. I… Continue Reading →

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