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March 2018

The Giant’s Hand 尋找巨人之手

巨人之手是一個很酷的隱藏版景點,正確位置在台中和苗栗的交界處,去的路程我們迷路了好幾次,想要知道怎麼找這個特殊景點,請繼續收看本文: A while ago my Google Maps expert wife found a place called Giant’s Hand which she though I would be interested in. Last weekend we decided to go check it out. The place is an abandoned amusement park, or… Continue Reading →

Fictionalizing the News No 5.: The Early Release

This is the fifth installment of Fictionalizing the News, a writing exercise I set for myself where I write a short story based on an article in the news. Please be aware as you read this, that though it is based… Continue Reading →

The (slightly) failed trip to Chiayi and Tainan

Last weekend, Yini and I planned to go see the famous beehive fireworks that kick off the lantern festival each year in Yanshui. We failed to actually see the fireworks but went to Chiayi and Tainan all the same. What… Continue Reading →

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