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Month March 2018

The Giant’s Hand 尋找巨人之手


A while ago my Google Maps expert wife found a place called Giant’s Hand which she though I would be interested in. Last weekend we decided to go check it out. The place is an abandoned amusement park, or rather, what little remains of it, which lies in the very north end of Taizhong, not far from Zhuolan township in Miaoli county.  It’s not very well know and kind of hard to get to, but worth the trip in my opinion. You can actually find it on Google maps but don’t count on the navigation to get you there … Read the rest

Fictionalizing the News No 5.: The Early Release

Afternoon of November 12, 2016, court clerk Thompson looked over the sentencing order one last time, printed it, then placed in her outbox with a small post-it note marking it for Justice Cunningham. She sat back down in front of her computer and brought up the Court Document Retrieval System. “Ok, let's see here” she mumbled under her breath then started to navigated the antiquated file system in search of the next order. “Ah, There we go,” she commented to herself as she checked out the PDF-file for case 20165634 and started reading it through. Continue reading...

The (slightly) failed trip to Chiayi and Tainan

Last weekend, Yini and I planned to go see the famous beehive fireworks that kick off the lantern festival each year in Yanshui. We failed to actually see the fireworks but went to Chiayi and Tainan all the same. What happened was that I checked the date for the beehive fireworks and saw that it would be this weekend so we figured we could go see the fireworks on Saturday evening. What I failed to pay attention to was the fact that the main event was on Friday evening and that the whole thing ended early Saturday morning. I only … Read the rest

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