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Month November 2021

God’s Build Log Part 2

This is a continuation of God’s Build Log, a kind of story-esque thought experiment asking the question “if God were an engineer, how would he go about building the first human being?” I want to reiterate the disclaimer I made in my original post that while this has some basis in the bible – and is somewhat satirical in nature – it is not meant as an insult against God, Christianity, or religion in general. With that out of the way, let’s continue where I left off the last time.

Build Log Day 37:
It’s been a little over … Read the rest

Learning to Hike Using The Map Room

My friend runs a website called The Map Room which focuses on hiking, river tracing and other outdoor activities in Taiwan. He has written a series of posts called Learn to Hike in Taiwan which, as can be expected from the name, provide the reader with some basic information about hiking trails suitable for beginners. Since we have to bring our son along for hiking, I figured it could be a good idea to try one or two of the trails from this series, just to see how well it works while carrying a toddler on your back. We started … Read the rest

Going to Kinmen With a Baby

Ever since I moved to Taiwan, my wife and I have slowly been working on visiting all of Taiwan’s outlying islands. So far we’ve been to Green Island, Penghu and Matsu, and last weekend we went to Kinmen. It is a small island just a stone’s throw (well, a rather long stone’s throw) from Mainland China. Given its location there has been a lot of military activity on the island and most of the actual fighting between China and Taiwan took place here in the 1950’s. Before it became militarized, Kinmen was home to a fair amount of merchants who … Read the rest

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