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October 2010

Road in Hualien ca 6:20pm

The night is dark, the road is straight and I keep my hand firmly locked at the 50 kilometers an hour mark. The wind is ripping at my rain cloak and the rain drops pelt my body like little stones…. Continue Reading →

Hualien coastal road 1:15 pm

The road curves about like an asphalt snake and I have to adjust the throttle carefully to flow smoothly through the bends. My clothes flutter in the ¬†wind and the sun glares in the scratched surface of the visor on… Continue Reading →

Beach in Hualien 12:25 pm

The sky is blue and the bright sun makes the clear blue water dazzle. Under my bare feet is a mass of smooth, palm size, sea polished, round stones. The stone beach stretches out to my left in a sort… Continue Reading →

Somewhere in Hsinchu 11:50 am

“The road ends here!” The black and yellow striped concrete barrier makes the message as clear as can be. ¬†Beyond the barrier, a sheer drop of several meters then a vast expanse of rice fields and trees, and on the… Continue Reading →

Jiao da scooter parking 2:38pm

A thousand scooters neatly lined up in rows, a thousand handle bars locked to the left, a thousand pairs of rear view mirrors reflecting the sky. Although similar, the scooters are different: different make, different size, different color. The mirrors… Continue Reading →

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