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September 2016

Sanming Road, 10:10pm

A typhoon is approaching, it was raining cats and dogs earlier but by now it has calmed down and it’s no longer so bad that it’s an excuse for shirking my exercise routine. The foul weather is keeping all the other schmucks… Continue Reading →

More sightseeing in Tainan

Today we continued our sightseeing in Tainan county, starting  with Zengwen reservoir,  a large man-made lake that provides irrigation for the Chianan plain (one of Taiwan’s most productive agricultural regions). We came up the river valley and our first view… Continue Reading →

Exploring Tainan County

It is Moon Festival in Taiwan which means we have five days off. Except for going back to Erlin to celebrate with Yini’s family, we planned to go out to the coast for a few days. However, the weather gods… Continue Reading →

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