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Month April 2018

Chengde temple trail, 7:15 pm

There is a rounded opening in the wall of trees, just big enough for two people to stand side by side, framed by overhanging branches and low bushes silhouetted against the background, a barely perceptible difference between the shades of gray. A path, its gravel surface painted a light gray by moonlight, runs through the undergrowth, undulating slightly as it stretches out to a point somewhere in the distance. Thanks to the full moon my companions and I can navigate the darkness without using our flashlights, it enables us to see the little flickers of light all around us. In … Read the rest

Additional knowledge for living in Taiwan

About two months ago I made a post listing some useful knowledge for living in Taiwan, which you can find here. After thinking about the topic for a while, I came up with a few other things that might be useful to know so I decided to make a second post. After finishing this I have written a couple other posts on the subject that you can find here and here.

1.: The Cold
Taiwan lies in between the subtropical and the tropical climate zones with the Tropic of Cancer cutting straight across the island roughly ⅔ of the … Read the rest

Fictionalizing the News No. 6: The Stampede

Malika was standing at the fence just a couple of meters from the Tarajal crossing, she had been one of the first to arrive that morning and now she was waiting for the checkpoint to open. The sun was just starting to rise, the world bleak and gray in the predawn light, and the air was still cool, but as soon as the sun was over the horizon it would start to get hotter. Looking over towards the other side, she could barely make out the faint outlines of houses of Ceuta just a few hundred meters away. ...continue reading

Text snippet: Stockelheim

Below is a short snippet of text that has been sitting around on my phone for a while, it kind of popped up into my head one day. It could very well be a piece of world building from a larger story, something like a fantasy novel with a steampunk setting. So far this novel remains unwritten, the only thing that exists is this short snippet:

Stockelheim is an ancient city, so old in fact that most of the city center is built on top of older buildings. It has a castle of course, every proper city needs a good castle.

Nanliao beach, 3:29 pm

A vast expanse of grayish brown sand, broken up by a couple of large puddles left over by the receding tide.  Shallow canals winding their way through the wet sand, leading out to a large lagoon of pale blue water, and in the distance the white crests where the waves break over the outer sand bank. The sun shining down from a cloudless sky, topping every unevenness in the sand and every ripple in the water with a dash of silver. The distant roar of the breaking waves fills the air, every other sound seems to have been blown away … Read the rest

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