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January 2014

Metro train near Alvik, 1:28 pm

The world outside the window is bleak and grey. The bare tree trunks form grey shadows against the milky white sky, the thin branches radiating skywards like so many fingers. The buildings in the distance look deserted, like empty shells…. Continue Reading →

Air over Amsterdam 8:46 am

We have just passed through the clouds, and so too, apparently, has the sun. For when you leave the colorful sunrise behind and come down beneath the cloud cover, you kind of expect the day to be dreary and grey…. Continue Reading →

More skiing and back to work

Today I woke up bright and early, and after a hearty breakfast, headed out in the slopes. I spent the morning exploring different parts of the system than yesterday, and found plenty of untouched powder just a short distance from… Continue Reading →

Titlis glacier 1:52 pm

The view from up here is magnificent; all around in the distance the stupendous mountains of the Swiss Alps, snow-clad broken tips and bare cliff faces. The sky is overcast but lively and and on the horizon, just above the… Continue Reading →

Skiing in Switzerland

My company has sent me to Switzerland to do some work on a machine. So far I have mostly just seen the factory where the machine is, and a bit of local sightseeing in the small town where I live,… Continue Reading →

Trip to the east part two, Taroko Gorge

Yini had to go back home and work but us five boys continued our exploration of Taiwan’s east coast. Our train arrived in Hualien on Sunday evening, we found a hotel a stone’s throw from the train station, then went… Continue Reading →

To the east with some friends

A couple of friends have come to visit me during the new year. After a very nice new year celebration, we decided to go explore the rest of the country for a bit. The eastern part being generally nicer, we… Continue Reading →

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