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Buddha World part 3: the Last Castle

Last year we explored an old hotel in the abandoned amusement park temple (which I later found out is called Buddha World). When we went there we thought the hotel was the last unexplored building, but we spotted another castle-like… Continue Reading →

Abandoned Hotels Around Shimen Reservoir, Part 1

Shimen Reservoir is a big man-made lake in the mountains outside Taoyuan City. It is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful views of the lake and the surrounding mountains, and nowadays there are more than ten distinct tourist… Continue Reading →

Revisiting the Abandoned Amusement Park Temple

About two years ago Renegade Wife and I visited an old amusement park that had been turned into a Buddhist temple. There were some parts of the park that we didn’t have time to visit and I’ve always wanted to… Continue Reading →

Macau, City of Contrasts

Macau is most famous for its many casinos and I believe most visitors come here for a day or two to do a bit of gambling. Although the casinos are ever-present, the Cotai Strip defining Cotai island, and the Grand… Continue Reading →

The Giant’s Hand 尋找巨人之手

巨人之手是一個很酷的隱藏版景點,正確位置在台中和苗栗的交界處,去的路程我們迷路了好幾次,想要知道怎麼找這個特殊景點,請繼續收看本文: A while ago my Google Maps expert wife found a place called Giant’s Hand which she though I would be interested in. Last weekend we decided to go check it out. The place is an abandoned amusement park, or… Continue Reading →

Back to Hong Kong

When I went to Hong Kong back in October I thought it would be the last time in quite a while. Turns out I was wrong, about two weeks ago my brother messaged me to let me know he and… Continue Reading →

The Big Indochina Trip: trains and bats in Battambang. 

My main reason for coming to Battambang was the bamboo train which sounded really cool. So, this morning I rented a motorbike and headed out to the train station. The train is actually more like a small rail cart consisting… Continue Reading →

The Big Indochina Trip: Vinh Moc tunnels and abandoned amusement park

Hue is very close to the old demilitarized zone so there are a few military remnants in the area. The most interesting for me were the Vinh Moc tunnels, about 100 kilometers north of Hue, where an entire fishing village… Continue Reading →

Exploring Tainan County

It is Moon Festival in Taiwan which means we have five days off. Except for going back to Erlin to celebrate with Yini’s family, we planned to go out to the coast for a few days. However, the weather gods… Continue Reading →

The cross island ride: Taroko Gorge

Today we set off towards Taroko Gorge which will be our starting point for the actual crossing. A few kilometers out from Hualien city we went down to a secluded beach. When I was younger I would have jumped into… Continue Reading →

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