On Wednesday me and my wife commendeered my parent’s car and took her parents out out for a drive, showing  the most famous spots on the Kullaberg peninsula.

We started with the old farmhouse Himmelstorp up on the hill in the beach wood forest. There is a cafe there which is normally full of hikers stopping by for ice cream but now everything was closed. The parents-in-law liked it a lot all the same.

We continued out to the tip of the peninsula and the lighthouse. The landscape there is spectacular and we had some excellent weather, the four of us enjoyed the splendid view.

After that we headed down to the little fishing village Mölle for some lunch in the sun then continued inland to Krapprup castle. We looked around a bit in the art galleries and cafes in the old storage houses then took a stroll around the rose gardens.

We had an appointment later so we didn’t have time to walk around in all the gardens. Instead we headed home, but made a short stop in Brunby church to let the parents-in-law see the inside of one. I think they haven’t been inside any European churches before and they really liked seeing some place with such a long history.

Around three thrirty we came back to the house were my aunt, my cousin and my cousin’s two children were waiting. We had a minor family reunion over coffee then played with the children for a while.

There wasnt much more to see that day, so we just relaxed and enjoyed life. Later in the evening there was supposed to be a meteorite shower but by then the parents-in-law were already in bed. Me and Yini on the other hand were awake and stood outside watching the stars for a while.