This summer, me and my wife decided we should bring her parents to Sweden to let them see a bit of my country. Unlike my parents they do not speak any English and are not used to independent travel, so me and the wife will spend a lot of time guiding them.

We took off late on Sunday evening, but due to a traffic jam at the airport we were delayed and missed our connecting flight. After a long wait in the transfer hall of Amsterdam airport we finally arrived in Arild on Monday evening, tired but happy.

On Tuesday morning it was raining but not too much so we took a walk around the village, looking at the small harbour and picturesque little houses. Me and Yini have of course seen everything but her parents really enjoyed it, and they felt the houses are very beautiful.

Around noon the weather cleared up so we had a nice traditional Swedish lunch out in the sun. After lunch we drove over to the next village to visit my aunt and my cousins. After that we drove down to the harbour where we had arranged with a local fisherman to take us out in his boat. We went along the coast out to Nimis, the large driftwood sculpter down on the beach. Normally it’s fun to climb around on Nimis but we were unable to land. Instead we admired it from afar then headed a bit further out so Yinis dad could try his hand at fishing. He didn’t catch anything but I think he enjoyed it all the same.

When we came back we barbecued some steaks for dinner after which my dad made a fire in the fireplace and we sat there watching the flames and chatting. A somewhat slow but very pleasant first day.