On Thursday we had already shown Yinis parents most of the places we wanted to show, but we took a short drive to the meadows at the far end of the village, and just strolled around taking in the view and breathing in the fresh air.  There is a special kind of enjoyment in these simple pleasures.

After some lunch in the sun, we packed up our stuff and took the train north to my old hometown Göteborg. We found our hotel, an old ship that had been converted into living quarters, then went downtown to meet up my friends Anna and Sofie, two girls who also made an exchange year in Taiwan. They took us to a restaurant on the top floor of one of the few skyscrapers in the city, where we had typical Göteborg shrimp sandwiches for dinner.

By the time dinner was over, the parents were pretty tired so we dropped them off at the hotel, then went out for a beer with Anna and Sofie, which was very relaxing.