On Wednesday we didn’t make any longer excursions. Instead we stayed at the cottage making a few shorter outings in the nearby area. In the morning, Yini, her parents, my mother and I went out in the forest picking mushrooms. Despite the recent dry weather we found quite a lot. Yini and her parents really enjoyed it.

Cleaning the mushrooms

Yini’s parents happy with the results

After lunch the Yini and I joined my brother to row across the lake to the golf course. We anchored the boat then got in the water and went snorkeling for golf balls. It just so happens that one of the holes is right across a small bay so there are several balls that fall short and end up in the water. We found that we could dive down and pick up as many as five balls in one go. When we started feeling cold and got ready to go back some curious golfers came to check on us and when they saw what we were doing I quickly offered them to buy some balls from us which they happily accepted.

After rowing back, we got some ice cream then sat in the sun relaxing for a while.  We even scrubbed the muck off some of the golf balls, perhaps we can sell more of them in the future. Yini’s dad also took the time to write some calligraphy on a large sheet of paper. It is a poem about the beauty of the surroundings and being happy.

Seeing that we had a bit of time left before dinner, I took Yini’s dad down to the jetty and after showing him how to do it, we went kayaking on the lake which was fun. After that we had a nice dinner. One of the dishes was the mushrooms we picked earlier.

Though we didn’t really do much I had a great day, and as far as I can tell, so did everyone else.