On Tuesday we left our idyllic little cottage and made a small excursion to the city of Falun. We started by going to the former home of Carl Larsson, a famous painter from the late nineteenth century who lived up here with his wife.

Both he and his wife Karin seem to have been very creative people because the house was pretty special with his paintings and her tapestries all over the walls and furniture.

After lunch we went to Falun copper mine, a world heritage site that used to be the major provider of copper for the entire world. It was aalso the longest running company in the world when they closed down in the early nineties. The tour took us down in some of the old, sparsely lit tunnels, and since I have a special love for all things underground I thoroughly enjoyed it.

When we came up from the mines the museum and shop above ground were already closed so we headed home. We spent the afternoon relaxing in the sun then had a (small scale) crawfish party for dinner which was great.