On Monday morning my dad and my brother went to pick up the van that we rented. We loaded up our stuff then headed north, with a short stop at the city water tower to look at the view. Around lunch we arrived at our cottage at the lake Haggen in southern Dalecarlia county.

The cottage is right on the lake and Yini’s parents seemed to fall in love with the view as we took a tour round the house while my mom prepared some lunch. After lunch the women went grocery shopping while I and Yini’s dad went fishing. He caught a fish almost immediately then happily sat there most of the afternoon.

When the women came back we prepared some cages for catching crawfish. Yini and here mom joined me in the boat to put them in the water; her mom quickly became an expert at throwing in the cages at the proper spots.

After dinner Yini’s dad and I went out to check the cages but we only got two crawfish. Later, when most people were already in bed, me and my dad went out in the cold, dark night to check the cages a second time. Crawfish seem to be nocturnal because this time we got close to ten of them.